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Boulder, CO's Expert in Custom Woodworking

Whether you need custom cabinets built and installed in your home, a custom camper van conversion build out, or a new deck in Boulder CO, Rossmonster Designs' custom woodwork will leave you breathless. See photos and information here.

Custom Vans

custom built vans

Modern luxury and functionality built just how you want it, at a price you can actually afford.

We are a team of woodworkers designing, engineering and building unique adventure vans with innovation, craftsmanship and functionality in mind. On a custom build project, we will work to make sure the most important features in your mind will be considered first. We've included a few categories you should start to think about as we get the conversation rolling on your van build out.

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Base Vehicle

This is one of the biggest decisions you will make regarding your upcoming custom camper build - what vehicle to start with. Here are a few options we recommend checking out:

  • Ram ProMaster: Front Wheel Drive - 136", 159", 159" extended wheelbase options - high roof offers 6'3" ceiling
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter: 4x4 & Rear Wheel Drive options - 148", 170", 170" extended - high roof offers 6'5" ceiling
  • Ford Transit: Rear Wheel Drive - 130", 148", 148" extended wheelbase options - high roof offers 6'8" ceiling
  • Nissan NV: Rear Wheel Drive - 146" wheelbase - high roof offers 6'3" ceiling

Bed System

Think about what size bed you will need to comfortably sleep in the van. If you or your partner are taller than 6'3", we hesitate to put in a sideways bed unless we install flares (limited base vehicle options compatible with flares). When we design your cabin layout, the bed setup will be a huge determining factor in where remaining cabinets and the kitchen will be located. A few options available:

  • Dinette Bed with cabinet storage underneath
  • Power sliding bed with cabinet storage underneath
  • 3 panel removable raised bed allowing for bulk storage of large items underneath


While not taking up the largest footprint inside the van, the kitchen serves a crucial role in making life more enjoyable on the road. 

  • Will you want a permanent or portable stove?
  • How much food & beverage do you plan to refrigerate?
  • Will you want a RV style or home style sink?

Cabinets, Trim & Storage

What toys will you be bringing along? If you plan to bring bikes, surfboards, SUP's, kayaks, skis, etc, we want to know so we can build in systems to store all your toys while on the go.

  • What color of paint do you have in mind for paneling? (unless you prefer upholstered interior)
  • Type of wood for cabinet doors & trim